“To take charge of your future, You have to own it and learn consistently”

The Academy is an amazing family of shoemakers filled with young, brilliant minds aimed at revolutionizing the leather works industry and speedily delivering excellent products hereby enhancing the self-esteem and productivity that satisfy the consumer needs in Africa and the whole world. The training encompasses the hands on training and the Business classes that is centered around the technical area and the business side of shoemaking where every trainee learns how to turn his leather making skills into a profitable business venture. The trainees go through the process of making leather footwear and an internship structure built on the foundations of connecting skill with revolutionary ideas that will challenge them every day to break new grounds in the industry.

At Shoespeed, Every student is a raw diamond taken through the different technical phases of shoemaking. Each of the phases are suited perfectly for easy assimilation of knowledge and to avoid cluster of information. From the cradle to the adults, Our tutors dish out the trainings perfectly with a  constsnat follow up post training.

We have trained over 500 people ranging from all genres in the economy across different platforms, workshops and programs. government  empowerment schemes where  we  organized  and  coordinated  practical shoemaking  workshop  for  youths  in  Government  primary  and secondary  schools  in  Lagos  State  under  the  Lagos  State Empowerment  and  Resource  Network  (L.E.A.R.N),  an  initiative of  the  First  Lady  of  Lagos  State,  her  Excellency  Mrs.  Abimbola Emanuella  Fashola.  We  also  facilitate  the  shoemaking  class  at Daystar  Skill  Acquisition  Project,  a  quarterly  vocational  training organized  by  Daystar  Christian  Centre  and  have  an  approval  to train  three  local  governments  of  the  Lagos  state  chapter  of  the (National  Youth  Service  Corps ) NYSC and other multinationals such as Microsoft, Aikii, Diamond Bank and a host of others.

We are proud to have trained these people who have been empowered through and through at  what it takes to be a world class shoemaker.

Follow us on the journey to a land of possibilities.

Your World awaits

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